Fashion Inspiration: H&M Edition


Howdee' do!! Yeah my southern might not be great but I'm good at being English!!
Anywho, I wanted to post more about fashion and what inspires me, it's also cheating so whatever I post it is a collective of things to remember or what I really like...what can I say I'm crazy and now you know it!!

I love the mix of lace and a pastel colour it is preppy but also seductive and alluring. And only £7.99 at H&M (Same price as the top version, why :( )

I like the colours of the top, really match well for the autumn period, and the trousers look great too for that cosy yet casual feel. However, the boots and not my style per say.

I love this whole outfit to be honest, it is casual yet stylish and looks comfy to wear too - great outfit for autumn.

Again love the whole outfit apart from the boots, I just do not like chunky boots, I like feeling light weight and wearing something that weighs me down does not make me feel comfortable, especially with someone like me on the move all the time!!

Ooo...I wanted a parka coat but my sister said no saying it would make me look like the little boy from East is East D: *rude*. But I am also into right now over-knee socks they are amazing but the real difficulty is that from looking at so many photos/look books with people wearing over knee socks, and no offence to anyone it can only be pulled off by girls who are skinny which puts me off since I believe I am not skinny or petite - thunder thighs galore.

 These pair of flats are from HM but I managed to find a similar style but cheaper from Primark and I have to say I love them, they are so comfy and believe it or not have lasted me two years!

*Images from H&M app and catalogueue

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