Creative Cards!


Hey! This is a quick post on a card I had made for one of my best friends it was her 16th birthday and normally  I always make homemade cards as sometimes I don't like buying the cards from the store. This is a new series I thought of because I like my designs and my family tells me I should actually sell some of them and I did - like 3 of them! But hopefully, it might give you ideas to make your own homemade cards too!

I used 3 different coloured papers for this - a variety of shades of pink, I used white card A4 size, Sharpie marker pens and scissors.

First I folded the white card into half and then I cut the different coloured pieces of paper into strips and glued them on the white card. I know I made few mistakes on it as you can probably see the areas of white still showing and the length of the strips weren't as long but you should probably want to use a paper trimmer or make some guidelines on the paper so you know how long to cut it to.

After I wrote in big caps 'happy birthday' (You can see that from the image! Lol!) and I drew some swirly whirly flowers.

My friends absolutely adored this card she didn't mind that it wasn't perfect because she at least got a card! I hope you found this interesting and hope to create your own cards too!

*All images are my own

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