Neutrogena Wave


Hey guys,
I am here to talk about one thing, one thing in particular..this ridiculous thing that is called a facial wash whatever. The Neutrogena Wave facial cleanser is anything but that, the refill pads cost a silly amount of money - (did not want to use ridiculous twice lol), but I didn't waste my money on refill pads I tried to finish off using it so I could go back to my original facial wash which The Body Shop green tea facial wash. It does the job of cleaning my face but leaves it dry and not nourished at all, considering this is the original there is one made for blackheads but I have not come to use nor will I ever, thinking how bad this product is for me personally. Just to remind you I have dry skin on my face. I hope you guys think twice before buying this product, you know what, I don't even think they sell this anymore!!

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Creative Cards!


Hey! This is a quick post on a card I had made for one of my best friends it was her 16th birthday and normally  I always make homemade cards as sometimes I don't like buying the cards from the store. This is a new series I thought of because I like my designs and my family tells me I should actually sell some of them and I did - like 3 of them! But hopefully, it might give you ideas to make your own homemade cards too!

I used 3 different coloured papers for this - a variety of shades of pink, I used white card A4 size, Sharpie marker pens and scissors.

First I folded the white card into half and then I cut the different coloured pieces of paper into strips and glued them on the white card. I know I made few mistakes on it as you can probably see the areas of white still showing and the length of the strips weren't as long but you should probably want to use a paper trimmer or make some guidelines on the paper so you know how long to cut it to.

After I wrote in big caps 'happy birthday' (You can see that from the image! Lol!) and I drew some swirly whirly flowers.

My friends absolutely adored this card she didn't mind that it wasn't perfect because she at least got a card! I hope you found this interesting and hope to create your own cards too!

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Organisation: To Do List


Hey guys,

This post is part of the organisation series, I love writing to-do lists, it is where I find my solace in life. I am quite highly organised to the point where it becomes freaky. But I like being the person who knows what they are doing at times, I do have my moments of complete and utter loss and confusion. I like being dependable but also laid back so even though I plan, I am okay with the plan going astray. 

My sister and I went to London and she bought me this nice black journal saying I should try the more professional look. It was also in sale too in WHSmith, as well as using it for a to-do list I would use it as a diary/journal to write down anything negative or hurt I was feeling. You know how they say if you have trouble sleeping, write all your thoughts down before bed well I do this to let go of the negativity.

There is a chance that you could read the images I have added but please understand that they are just my feelings, my opinion, I am not right in anyway shape or form. 

So far I have used this for - journal to let go of the -thoughts, bucket list (very long), blog ideas, and to-do list (4-5 pages during one summer now its a page!)

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Fashion Inspiration: H&M Edition


Howdee' do!! Yeah my southern might not be great but I'm good at being English!!
Anywho, I wanted to post more about fashion and what inspires me, it's also cheating so whatever I post it is a collective of things to remember or what I really like...what can I say I'm crazy and now you know it!!

I love the mix of lace and a pastel colour it is preppy but also seductive and alluring. And only £7.99 at H&M (Same price as the top version, why :( )

I like the colours of the top, really match well for the autumn period, and the trousers look great too for that cosy yet casual feel. However, the boots and not my style per say.

I love this whole outfit to be honest, it is casual yet stylish and looks comfy to wear too - great outfit for autumn.

Again love the whole outfit apart from the boots, I just do not like chunky boots, I like feeling light weight and wearing something that weighs me down does not make me feel comfortable, especially with someone like me on the move all the time!!

Ooo...I wanted a parka coat but my sister said no saying it would make me look like the little boy from East is East D: *rude*. But I am also into right now over-knee socks they are amazing but the real difficulty is that from looking at so many photos/look books with people wearing over knee socks, and no offence to anyone it can only be pulled off by girls who are skinny which puts me off since I believe I am not skinny or petite - thunder thighs galore.

 These pair of flats are from HM but I managed to find a similar style but cheaper from Primark and I have to say I love them, they are so comfy and believe it or not have lasted me two years!

*Images from H&M app and catalogueue

OOTD: Plymouth Boat Party


Hey guys,
This is my outfit for this evening and yes I am standing on a chair! This is what I am wearing tonight to a party/disco on a boat which I am very excited about! Never been on a party on a boat before, more like a social.

My cousin got this for me and I absolutely love it!! This is a quick post since I don't really have much time since we are going to leave soon -- oh god I'm nervous geez...
Since it's summer, I'll hopefully be posting twice a week (I know this is what I say all the time but just remember I'm a noob alright!!)

There is so much I want to tell you guys but in due time, trying to get through these old posts as well making them neater and more professional argh! Things are moving forward with me recently and it creates a mixture of emotions but mostly excitement!

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~ Tattoo Inspiration ~


Hey guys,

Lately I've been thinking about what type of tattoo design I would want, 
I know I have ages to decide but it's more about getting the design and 
research of safe places to get it done so I can hopefully convince my parents to let me get it done.
Okay I just realised I left this post as a draft and wow it has been a long time since I have written this especially about this, my twin friends got tattoos done and it looks good so glad that they aren't red or in pain it is something that is forever...

1. Infinity...
I love the fact that most of my beliefs or moral principles won't change, they will always be infinite, so I think this symbol would be so great.

2. Roman Numerals
I want a tattoo that is the number 7 in Roman numerals which looks like this: VI
I love the fact that this especially has so much meaning to me personally
- my favourite no.
- 7 sins
- 7 virtues
- 7 circles of Hindu marriage
- 7 cycles or reincarnation
And that is all I can think of right now.

3. A tattoo written in Sanskrit and is displayed like it is on a scroll basically similar to Angelina Jolie's one except mine will be horizontal and in a different language.I would want something that would remind me of my mother a person who with out a doubt is amazing as a person and because she can read and write in Sanskrit.

And that is pretty much it I think I don't want more than 3 tattoos well just for now anyway, me and my siblings had a long discussion and they said no even though my brother has basically one large one on his forearm (hypocrite). They said after I finish my degree then we can talk about it but for now just leave it. I was very frustrated at this point but I have an idea I told my friends about which is to get it done during freshers week and pretend I was drunk at the time I got it. But then again they know I don't drink alcohol very much...damn

   Anyway ciao for now lol x

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Fimoooooo ^_^


So, guys, I got my order from eBay a couple of days ago of 100 pieces of Fimo Canes and one blade, it cost me around £4.44 I think but the good thing was that I didn't have to pay for it as Ebay rewarded me with a £5 voucher on anything with no minimum spend woohoo!!   


At first I didn't know what to use them on as I am a bit sceptical using them on my fingernails (It looks a bit too weird for me!) Anyway, I had the thought of just to 'bedazzle' anything that was worth 'bedazzling' lol I used the fimo canes on my ruler and a flip case for my iPhone :)


If you guys have any other uses for fimo canes, by all means, contact me or leave a comment below!


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Local Art Exhibition


Hey guys, a little over a year ago we had an art exhibition at my 6th form, they do one every year and luckily enough I was available to go and support some of my friend, whom had their art work on display. It was the shit amazeballs (yeah that's a word), they are having another one again on  Monday but I wanted to show you the type of work these talented folks do. Anyway my school was holding a silent auction for pieces of art created by the art students in my school (duh) I have always wanted to go in the previous years when my friends invited me but I couldn't because of other greater obligations (flash back of learning prima facie duties, lol) 

My gorgeous friend Natalia hiding her face in shame because she thought her stall was shit
If only I could slap her

Yes, well this is a not surprising scene, my friend Levi eating the hell out of that chicken,
even a little ended up on the floor because it just became so intense between him and that chicken
(the sarcasm...)


I got bored of waiting for my friends who were blabbing on and on about something or other, couldn't really remember what though, lol

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A x

Places I want to Visit in England


Tower Of London
Shakespeares Globe
Kew Gardens
The British Film Institute
London Dungeons
Madame Tussauds
Victoria and Albert Museum
Kensington Gardens
Hampton Court Palace
Soho, London
Westminister Abbey

And there is more where that came from, a whole 2 pages in my journal more! 
But these are the more important ones.

*Images from Google