Fashion Inspiration: Gossip Girl Edition (Blair Waldorf)


I love fashion, sometimes I have those days or even weeks for that matter where I do not seem to care but that is about feeling comfortable, it is illogical to strut around in something that might make you fall left, right and centre e.g. heels.

However, today I am showing you where I mostly find my fashion inspiration or people for that matter but first up is none other than....

Yes, she is a fictional character but she has style and grace, no girl or lady would want to give that up unless she had some insane reason to...but she is one of my idols, she is well educated, well spoken and her fashion sense is impeccable. Even though it can be a little OTT!

I love that she can coordinate her outfits so well, knows all the upcoming trends, by looking at her minions it seems that she sets the trends rather than following them. She is one of a kind. I have taken the liberty to show you a couple of outfits I adore courtesy of Google Images. 

A xox

*Images from Google

Autumn leaves glide down as I leave..


Hey everybody, my friend Aswathy wanted me to post this poem up for her since she doesn't have a blog.

*Images from Pixabay

I hope you like the poem!

A new beginning is the best description,
But it is also the end of a lifetime,
Worth of moments.

So here I am,
With tears flowing,
Farewell till we meet again.

Sayonara to my teacher,
Sayonara to my friend,
Sayonara to my first love.

- Aswathy J.

My Nail Polish Collection


As you can see from these delightful photos I have taken on my iPhone, I put my nail polish in colour order, as you can also tell I like Rimmel London nail polish quite a bit - they are inexpensive and have a great brush design so you don't mess up applying nail polish with your weaker hand. I remember as a child having to keep a q-tip and a 'lil dish of nail polish remover in case of those disaster mishaps.

I keep most of my nail polishes at my family home since I live mostly at my university and to save space for more necessary stuff. I keep it in a pink wire mesh CD holder from WHSmith and it has handles too!

Here are the basics I took with me to university to rock any season.
I have been into creating a collection since I was 12 when I started secondary school - you meet a lot of people and they have a weird but large influence on you and your style.
My bank balance wasn't too happy about this..!

*All images are my own