The Big Bang Theory: The Raiders Minimization


Hey guys it's Mimi here with another post, I really think I am getting better at posting except I do miss a few days partly because of stuff happening in my life, drama, drama. I actually wanted to say the other S word but this needs not to be explicit today!!

I just finished watching The Big Bang Theory when I was supposed to be doing work, oops
This episode I realised was more focused on pairing people off
Bernadette + Howard
Raj + Stewart
Sheldon + Amy
Penny + Leonard
A word of warning for people who are not Raiders fans:
Thanks to her disinterest in anything fun, yet another catalyst to start the argument with Indiana Jones first with Wil Wheaton and now his girlfriend Amy, for Amy it was just another one of her observations of useless plot lines but to Sheldon it was an excuse to declare war. This portion of the episode was definitely one of my favourites yet again I like the fact that it also shared majority of the plot line with what Leonard was going through with Penny and to be fair there are not many adjectives to describe what happened. The writers love to play at Amy and Sheldon's relationship or whatever it is they are doing right now, poking fun at the right moments in their love life,  
 "When you told me I was going to be 'losing my virginity,' I didn't think you meant showing me Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time," and Sheldon's oblivious "Is she fond of anything with a bunch of flaws she hasn't noticed?" This plot continued to entertain as Sheldon escalated the conflict and tried to use everything from Marmaduke to Little House on the Prairie as ammunition.'
Also the fact that trying to find solutions for the flaws throughout the episode for Raiders of the Lost Ark, until the end it became futile. However, I think that it can be boring when episodes centre around the love life of Penny and Leonard mostly repeating all the things that can happen wrong with their relationship. This time it became a little interesting by again bringing in Leonard's mother when the plot lines are becoming a bit sloppy. And let's get back to the fact that, did even Leonard's trip at sea have an effect on their relationship??
They also brought in a cliche, of Leonard's fake sadness to get sex and then resulting in a failed attempt by the bro, being Howard towards Bernadette. I would like to see more about the other couples in the series such as Howard and Bernadette furthermore more on Raj, I do pity him from time to time, but it looks like he cannot catch a break with his love life. It would have been more fun if they went a bit nerdy and journeyed out to fin women together them being him and Stewart.
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