The Dilly Rucksack by Anna Smith


Hey guys,

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I was looking for a backpack that I could take to my last year of college as well as help me through university but it took me a while to find the right bag. My older sister has a backpack that comfortably fits a full-size mac laptop as well as other stuff but I don't think she would let me keep it since its a really good backpack so I researched for one that was like my friends a canvas backpack that has loads of pockets at the front but once I went to TK Maxx a store that sells designer merch' for less money and not retail price.

I saw this canvas rucksack The Dilly Rucksack by Anna Smith in Pink with Blue Polka Dot and fell in love with it, but it was still pricey (pricey for a 14-year-old with no job or pocket money) - £19.99 in store, real price £30, but I bought it just in case I could not find it for cheaper. I actually found it on eBay for £16.99 including P+P, ordered it and came 3 days after.

However, I do have some concerns:
a) The inside covering material is black and the one bought in the store is polyester pink with Anna Smith brand label all over it. But I prefer the black anyway.
b) The label stitched to the bag in the inside is coming apart...
c) The stitching is a bit unbalanced with the tightening string
d) There are some loose threads in the stitching but nothing really to worry about

Overall, I am happy with my purchase 

Remember always check if all the buttons and zips work and that there are no loose seams when you buy something. And do a pro and cons list whenever you buy a big item just to make sure that you actually and really need it.

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