Eating Out...


Hey guys, I had a great weekend and as you know we have an extra day off in England because of the bank holiday (Bank Holiday Monday), and we had a family get together at my soon to be brother-in-laws house and in the evening some of us went out to eat at a place called Spice Rack Lounge which is a Indian restaurant and they served excellent food there, it was incredible we filled up on the starters as there was a lot to eat such as ribs, chicken, fish, garlic mushrooms, paneer (cottage cheese blocks) and salad.  

And I ate fish as a main as well but it was like a curry because the fish I had before was fried, and I had the fish with naan, I would recommend this place if you like Indian food and a bit of spice to it as well as the food was a bit spicy, but I loved it! Everything was at a reasonable price, they also had a bar there as well, in my opinion there was nothing wrong with the service or the food however it depends on when you go there as sometimes it can get crowded or there are no tables available, so I would recommend booking a table before you actually go there.

Spice Rack Lounge:
35 Church Road, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4AR
020 8954 6374

After we left we didn't want to have dessert there so we went to a place called Flirtease which is a cocktail lounge and dessert bar and honest to god, it was one of the best places to get dessert that I have ever been to! I had the Oreo sundae and it was delicious, there was lots of desserts to choose from so it took a while to choose something I would be happy with, originally I wanted waffles but the waffle iron was not in good working circumstances!! The rest of my family had strawberry crepe, Ferrero sundae, apple pie with custard and cheesecake! Overall it was incredible and they have good service too, the staff is easy to work with and all the food was priced very reasonably.

Flirtease Cocktail Lounge & Dessert Bar:
210 Preston Road
North Wembley
020 8385 2002

* All images are from Google Images