Personal Statement: Transferable Skills

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hey guys,

When it came to writing my personal statement it is key to describe yourself in the best way possible, but some of you might find it hard to write what type of person or what you're best at.

Anyway here is a list of many transferable skills you are able to include in your personal statement or CV which in the US I'm guessing is a résumé:

- Problem Solving
- Organising
- Working to deadlines
- Management and Leadership
- Decision Making
- Motivating
- Negotiating
- Persuading
- Research Skills
- Commitment
- Interpersonal - relate to people
- Communication
- Determined
- Enthusiastic
- Punctuality
- Intuition
- Literacy
- Presentation Skills
- Mathematical Skills
- Working in a Team
- Flexibility
- Operating office equipment
- Customer Skills
- IT Skills
- Self-Awareness
- Organisation
- Time Management
- Willingness to accept responsibility
- Attention to detail

Good Luck x

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