Week 30 Buys: Paperchase Scrapbook


Hey all, I feel like I need to join shopaholics anonymous. How do I stop shopping? But if I did stop shopping then there would be less content on here, so I guess everybody wins... apart from my bank account!

My friend Shaan just graduated from university, yay to her. And she showed me her scrapbook that she's been working on since she started her last year and for a while I thought scrapbooks were tacky. But she showed me how she wanted something simple and then my lust for scrapbooking grew once I spent a few hours on pinterest...you know where I'm going with this!

I then took at trip to Paperchase and bought all of the above excluding the washi tape which is from The Range and the polaroid photo from Square Snaps (you can see polaroids on my Instagram). The large brown square book was £8, the medium size black rectangle book was £6, the 500 photo mounts were £2.25 and uni-ball signo broad metallic white pen was £2.50.

I'm really enjoying scrapbooking now and I used to do scrapbooking when I was younger but this was pre-pinterest days! Once my scrapbook has developed more I will be able to do a separate post displaying all the pages and what inspired them.

A x

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